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Listen and Learn

Steve Kilby’s Introduction to Flatpicking

This instruction package from Steve Kilby will teach you to play 18 popular flatpicking tunes. The Listen and Learn package includes both a CD and tablature book.

Each tune has three tracks on the CD:

  • The first track for each tune is an "up to speed" version
  • The second track is the "learning speed" version
  • The third track is a practice speed version

You can set your CD player to repeat a track as many times as you need.  You can also adjust the balance between right and left to either hear more lead or more rhythm. Rhythm guitar is on the left channel and lead guitar is on the right channel.

The "Listen and Learn" Method
To get the best results from this tablature and CD you should:

  • Determine the key the tune is in, whether you use a capo or not and what chord you play in with that capo.
  • Listen to the up-to-speed track a few times to “get the melody in your head.”
  • Listen to the learning track and follow along on the tablature. When you are fairly sure of where the notes will be you can play along with the tablature and CD (learning track).
  • After you become pretty good at the learning speed you can move to the practice track speed.
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